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Share of Search…a Must-have KPI ?

Why should you make sure to follow your « share of search »

Consumers search more and more the web before taking a purchase decision and this is the reason why “Share of search” is a must follow KPI. But most companies do not follow that KPI today and you should do it.
What is “share of search”…
Most companies today do follow the % of search trafic to their websites. This measures the percentage of traffic you receive from search engines, in comparison with all other traffic sources.

This will tell you for example that over the past 6 months you got 145,000 visits from the Search Engines on an organic basis and that it represents 45% of your overall trafic. You may be pleased by the fact that it has grown by 34% over the same period of time and feel good about it.

This KPI is certainly worth following but we strongly advise you to take another into consideration on top of it…the share of search. This measures the % of search queries on a search engine that result in visit to your website compared to your competitors.

Going back to our example, let’s say that for this company the total number of searches for the 10 most relevant keywords amount to 5 million queries on the search engines. Then, its share of search would be of 145,000 / 5,000,000 which would be only 2,9%. This tells a quite different story not as exciting as the first one. It also means competition gets the remaining 97,1%.

How to measure it…

The benchmarking process involves gathering data from various analytical sources to help identify:
• What are my top 20 non-branded search terms? (non-branded = excluding company name and this is where your SEO should be focused)
• Where is my website currently ranking in Google for those non-branded search terms?
• How many visits have been generated to the website from those non-branded 20 search terms over a 6 month period?
• Approximately how many ‘exact’ searches are made in Google for those top non-branded 20 search terms over a 6 month period?
• What is my % share?
• Which search terms should I prioritise and optimise?

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